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I'm going to take this moment to remind you that it can't rain all the time....

The sky won't fall forever.

Today I've all but devoured Someplace to Be Flying, by Charles de Lint, who cares that it's my third time through, it's not what you read, it's what it means when you read it. This is one of the most wonderful modern day fantasy (or reality, hrm?) novels I've ever read.

As I was reading, I took some time to scribble down some quotes that I needed to hear- and to share.

"'Look out for yourself kid, because nobody else'll be doing it for you.'
Except for a couple of kids with switchblaeds, who could rub spit on a gunshot wound and make it go away like it never happened."

"Everybody thougyht sex and knowledge was what got folks booted out of paradise, but like so much else, churchmen got it wrong, people didn't find the potential for paradise until they left the garden and started thinking for themselves."

"'He's nobody's dog, he just is what he is.'
'Like all of us.'"

"[We] walk tall, but leaving only footprints, living on spirit time."

"'You don't change the world by stirring something up in Raven's pot.'
'Then how do you change it?'
'By being strong and true.'"

"The best change you can make is to hold up a mirror so that people can look into it and change themselves. That's the only way a person can be changed."

"There has to be a connection, or the magick won't travel. Simple physics. Or is it genetics?"

"'Too late,' Zia echoed.
'Those are two of the least fun words in the world,' Maida said."

"You're better off doing what we all should do and that's making the most of yourself, seeing how that's all there is of you."

"'Imagine if life was fair,' she says to me one time. 'I think maybe that'd be worse.'
'How do you figure that?'
'Well, then we'd deserve all the awful things that happen to us, wouldn't we? It'd mean that at some point in our lives --or maybe a life we had before this one-- we were pretty creepy people.'"

My friends, I love you. Even the ones of you that I don't know. Our lives will always touch intimately, even if our bodies or our minds never meet.

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