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There's always an interesting tidbit to be found. This I find really striking, simply because of the fact that the worms were several generations along. And they survived the crash from god knows what height. Just... interesting.

At any rate, I've almost completed the Conquerors' trilogy by Timothy Zahn. I have been highly impressed. I honestly wasn't expecting something this solidly good. I generally rank Zahn as a Sci-Fi adventure writer. I really liked The Icarus Hunt, but it wasn't high class literature. It was an exciting adventure, full of twists, turns, conspiracy, and murder.

The Conquerors' trilogy has that, but it's also got some class to it. I get this Herbert sort of feel off of it, and I mean Herbert before he started writing "Dune:There are Bills to Pay", "Dune:Putting my Kid's Through College", or "Dune:Merchandising Rights are Good". Not that he was only in those later books for the money... ::cough::. It's fairly epic though, which is good, because if you had three novels and it wasn't epic, that'd be a decent amount of dead space to fill.

Anywho, I'm off to do some more coding.

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