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Fuel on the fire... it's not lying... it's emphasis.

Meanwhile, I made this :
Get the kids out of the bubble people. These morons are the same ones that throw millions of dollars at anti-bacterial soap, never once thinking that anti-bacterial soap ranks as perhaps one of the greatest health threats in history!

Our bodies have this wonderful thing called an "immune system." See, it's all these little cells that run around killing bacteria and viruses. And it remembers what it killed (which is why you only get chicken pox once), unless of course the virus changes alot (like the cold). So each time you get sick, you get stronger for it, and less likely to get sick again (barring long term dehabilitating illness of course, I'm talking run of the mill flus and 24-hour bugs).

Since we enslave ourselves to anti-bacterial soap, we never get that exposure, and you know what? The bacteria will get resistant, as it tends to, we won't have any resistance, and sickness will layeth the smaketh down on our collective asses.

Now where am I going with this analogy? We're washing the kid's brains out with antibacterial goo. Brainwashing, if I may be so trite. We're creating a very artificial padded room for these kids, which leaves them wholly unprepared to deal with the sharp corners on the furniture of life. I mean, jeezus, there's a reason my kids are going to be read Poe, DeLint and Kafka as bed time stories (what a mix, no?).

And muppet babies! Take your no imagination and shove it, at least that was a show that obsessed on the subject. With really amusing random stock footage clips.

Of course, they don't want creative children. And really, that's what we're talking about here. If we stunt children's intellectual growth, we can keep them young longer. Keeping them our babies, so that nasty things like Columbine never happen again. Watch them, control the input and you control the output.

Someday, I want to be publicly renounced as "corrupting the youth."

In response to this post: Stupid textbook sales.

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