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"Smear my lips with vaseline, I am a vocal libertine, I'd try to explain, but I don't know what I me

I'm on a Voltaire kick, in case you haven't noticed. To suck others into this world, I've burned CD's of all of the Voltaire I've had for manycolored and canissum, dulcinbradbury (who won't download it because she's on a dialup- bah! I downloaded stuff while I was on dialup!), and iambliss and pgnblade.

"Devil knows what posessed me to shut my mind and open up my mouth"

Anywho, hung out today with Cate's dad, ostensibly to watch her brother do a vacuum cleaner demonstration (he's selling Rainbow vacuums- only $1600- ahem). Suffice it to say, Liam never showed, toolboy that he is.

Anywho, it's on-sites two days this week. At the Office of Mental Health, which means I don't have to catch a bus till 7:30, as opposed to 6:45 (or 6:00, on those days I can't ride with Greg).

Which I'm going to need to remove some nail polish before going to bed. Got a nice chrome one.

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