How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

You know how I like ripping up stupid people?

I probably shouldn't do it to my boss. But I don't like the way I'm getting dicked over next week, so we've been debating my compensation via email.

To be clear on next week, while I am willing to work on both classes, however:

For both the five day, and the two night one on one, I must get full tech bonus, each class counting seperately, as per the new double-shift stipulations.

Also, since this is a large inconvience to me, I would also like additional compensation in the form of $40. This is to cover cab fare, as taking busses is not an option at that time in the evening at this facility.

Thank you,


You will be treated just like everyone else which means that you will, ofcourse, be bonused consistent with the new bonus program--that should go without saying.

As for the other issue we will not pay anything for transportation costs and, frankly, I am a bit surprised at the request.

A condition of emplyment as an instructor here is a licennse and reliable transprtaion.

New Horizons has bent over backwards to accommodate your failure to satisfy that requirement--and still is as recently as yesterday when Noah drove you home.

We have allowed you to leave early, miss meetings and often adjusted our trainer schedule to accomodate you.

You have been a terrific instructor for us and we have recipricated accordingly.

But you must be responsible for your transportation.


Surprised, perhaps, but the fact of the matter is, I am not being treated like everyone else. Not everyone else is expected to teach two tech classes in the same week with no prep time for either.

When I agreed to do the java, I agreed to it with the condition that I recieved enough prep time. That was the agreement. Now, next week, I will be teaching it, and without the prep time that was agreed to. I have had a handful of days, scattered out across the past weeks.

New Horizons did not bend over backwards to have Noah drive me home, unless you asked him to. From what I saw, he offered to do it as a friendly co-worker. Unless someone told him to do so, in his capacity as an employee, then I rate that as his own behavior, and as a personal, not work-related, favor.

When I was hired, the license requirement was not made clear. This is not my fault. When you approached me about it, I have been, in good faith, working towards that goal, in addition to taking on greater responsibility in the course material I teach. I have been bending over backwards to accomodate New Horizons.

In light of this, the request for a favor of fourty dollars does not sound nearly as surprising.

Meanwhile, I'm not going to let this ruin my mood. I'm in a good mood today. At this point though, I don't care how her responds. I've voiced my feelings, released my agression, and for me, the subject is dropped. I do have some concern over having vented on him, and how he's going to respond. My whuffie level around here has been dropping steadily as of late. But then again, the worst he can do is fire me.

When you word it like that, the boss sounds so powerless.

(NB: Whuffie, the concept of "respect as currency" gives word to something I've always considered. Before trying to get a privilege at work, I would consider if I had recently done enough to qualify for it, in terms of being liked/respected/owed. Whuffie.)

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