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Rob Brezny's a Bastard

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Who or what will rescue you,
Taurus? A divine intervention, perhaps? A sympathetic friend
who totally understands you? A teacher who knows exactly what
you need at this turning point? I suspect the answer is none of
the above. Don't worry, though, because a brave hero *is* on the
way, primed to provide you with an exit, a solution, and a cure.
And who is this great deliverer? For a clue, I give you this poem
by Simeon Samuel Frug: "No savior from without can come/ To
those that live and are enslaved./ Their own messiah they must
be,/ And play the savior and the saved."

I don't care if that's my usual philosophy anyway, I want an easy out goddammit! Feh. I'm being less depressive. Still pissed off and sick of work.

I'm stuck next week teaching a 5-day java course during the day (material I don't know), and a 2-day VB-database programming course at night (again, material I don't know). FUCKERS! ::kicks and beats things in his head::

Man, if I could just fight my boss, I'd be so much happier. Doesn't matter who wins, the frustration release would be great. One on one, clear area. I want to fight someone. I feel all... gooshy. Compared to the shape I was in during wus club, I'm flaccid. I don't have half the muscle tone I had, and the number of people that I can look at and say to myself, "Yeah, I could take them" has dwindled to... practically nil. I can't even honestly say, "I could run away from them", since my endurance is shit too.

In other words... we need some wus club sessions. Or at least I do.

Meanwhile, I'm reading Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow. Very interesting... picked it up because it looked silly, discovered that it was. And it's also really depressing. Quite good though. The author is a member of EFF.

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