How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

So, Tom pops over to give me shit about not having my lisence, as well as some other work related bullshit.

In the back of my head, all I can hear is: "Tom, I'm quitting near the end of May." I almost blurted it out. I actually was going to compose an email to him, but some of the other instructors stopped me. "Don't tell him that for six weeks, 'cause he's going to make those six weeks hell, if he doesn't just fire you right off. Give him two, or if you're nice, three."

Which is true.

But damn... the thought of not working here... it's calling to me, tempting me. I think I might pull a Ken. Ken was one of our accountants. He went on vacation for two weeks. He left behind a note that said he wouldn't be coming back; he was quitting. That's fucking style right there. I've got a week's vacation stored up. I'm gonna take that vacation and run with it. Well, that'd be cool, but probably not. I still want a good recomendation.

::kicks own ass about job-hunt/lisence hunt::

Speaking of... I know [Bad username: canissum"] has offered lessons. Can we or anyone else for that matter start giving me a hand with practice?

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