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Morning. Evening. What have you been up to I wonder?

I had an epiphany, but to share it, I must give you a little background. For those of you familiar with There's Something About Mary back here in K-town we used to have our own "Mary", and her name was Cassie. Everyone wanted to get with Cassie. The smallest morsel of her attention was rabidly fought over by almost all of the guys that I knew at some point or another. We all fell for it at some point, myself included. The question is why? She's not that attractive, far too skinny. She moves funny. She's full of herself, inconsiderate, often bitchy, and of course, must never be wrong. She wants to major in art, but whenever anyone critques her work, "It's my style, this is how I draw and it's what I like."

Which is of course, bullshit. But I digress.

Anyway, I finally realized why it is people have so often found her attractive, so much so that a great many of them dashed themselves on the shores of her unattainablilty (me, she just really didn't like me for some reason, so I never really suffered too many illusions... but that was a mess in itself, I was young and stupid, nuff said).

It's all about potential. Cassie freaking reeks of underused potential. She could be really phreaking awesome.. but she's not because she doesn't use that potential. It's somewhat tragic really. 'Manda actually brought me to this conclusion, after chatting with her about Cassie and Sarah, whom she met.

"I'm not feeling all right today, I'm not feeling that great..." "...and the grave digger puts on the forceps..."

So anyway, started phase one of my computer's makeover. I redid all of the bitmaps for my litestep shell, so all of the graphics look different. Next comes the windowblinds makeover, so that I have a cohesive theme between WB and my desktop environment.

Crazy invention idea... wrap a solenoid around your skull... and then hook it up to a stereo system... it'll vibrate your brain with the music. Cool huh? The ultimate headphones, why hear with your ears when your brain can just jive to the tunes in your skull. Be careful not to turn it up to far, your brain and that hard stuff called skull don't get along all that well.

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