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And the conversation gets _more_ amusing

xhaSbEEnfouNd: 'lo... which building on fourth street is that?
Random LJ Person: you photographed the building at the end of the block on ferry and 4th (green with boarded windows). the building next to that in the alley (the alley of carriage houses) is mine
xhaSbEEnfouNd: across from the chinese place.
xhaSbEEnfouNd: and by Icarus furniture
Random LJ Person: yep. hao wei is yummy
xhaSbEEnfouNd: i'm terribly amused.
Random LJ Person: no, im not a stalker
xhaSbEEnfouNd: the thought never crossed my mind
Random LJ Person: they are gutting that building now. it will be interesting to see when it is done.
xhaSbEEnfouNd: probably
xhaSbEEnfouNd: I wanna get a few more shots of the back end now, with all tbe boards and stuff... it's cool
Random LJ Person: another good shot is down the alley at night. the light hits it oddly because of the old construction and the taller buildings around it
xhaSbEEnfouNd: yeah... I don't have a tripod I can mount to for night shots... well, I do, but me wife has the mount for it on her camera
xhaSbEEnfouNd: I've gotta steal taht at some point
Random LJ Person: heh
xhaSbEEnfouNd: do you do photography?
Random LJ Person: nope.
xhaSbEEnfouNd: your journal entries are quite interesting
xhaSbEEnfouNd: and you're an APO member... I know lots of them... though that doesn't speak in your favor ::coff coff::
Random LJ Person: thanks. sorry about the no-ask add. i didnt want to forget your name
Random LJ Person: really? who in APO do you know?
xhaSbEEnfouNd: fuck... names? Ummm... one of them's named Andy. A couple Jens...
xhaSbEEnfouNd: I know them from late nights at Denny's.
xhaSbEEnfouNd: and the SCA
Random LJ Person: i hope you dont find this a little wierd, but do you know someone with the livejournal login princessakasha?
xhaSbEEnfouNd: i do not
xhaSbEEnfouNd: not that I know of anyway
Random LJ Person: ok.. phew
xhaSbEEnfouNd: mrr?
Random LJ Person: i work with a woman who has a lot of connections to albany sca with that name and we work an hour outside of albany (fishkill) and we met at work after knowing like half the same people
xhaSbEEnfouNd: no, I don't know her, but like thirty people on her friends page I do
xhaSbEEnfouNd: which means I've probably met her
Random LJ Person: this is too funny
xhaSbEEnfouNd: and I do know her boyfriend... I don't remember the name that goes with the LJ account, but I know him...
Random LJ Person: i graduated from SUNY oneonta and was in APO there. moved to troy and then got a job downstate
Random LJ Person: this is really hillarious
xhaSbEEnfouNd: where downstate
xhaSbEEnfouNd: Oh shit! I do know her!
Random LJ Person: fishkill, ny
xhaSbEEnfouNd: I'm moving down in that general direction actually... New Platzish
Random LJ Person: one exit off on 87
xhaSbEEnfouNd: i'm originally from k-town
Random LJ Person: kingston?
xhaSbEEnfouNd: nodnod
Random LJ Person: my parents live in goshen, where i am staying currently until i find a new place
Random LJ Person: where in troy are you currently, if you dont me asking?
xhaSbEEnfouNd: Over on second, across from the library
Random LJ Person: oh geez... right down the street
xhaSbEEnfouNd: yeah, more or less

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