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Last night was a ball, hanging out at Shalimar with manycolored, canissum, Sally, her friend, Jeremy and the other Sarah, and of course deliriumcrow. Much indian food was had, much cool conversation. Politics, ethics, etc.

Speaking of political/social stuff, I'm getting on a wavelength of a neotribal system. Kinda a Stephenson-esqe clave, with a touch of smartmobbing touch. The revolution won't be a replacement of the government, it will be a subversion of it, and a fractionalization into many small discrete elements. Think about it, who are you more loyal to, the United States of America or your friends? And the thing is, with communication technology, these same bonds are becoming distance-independant. Where will national soviergnty be when a statistically signifigant portion of your personal support structure is made up of people who do not share the same geopolitical locale as you?

This is becoming my vision. The people I associate with, the people that I am friends with, these are my family. No offense to most of the people I only know through LJ, even though you're on my friends page, you're an aqquaintance. There are a few though, that I consider friends, in the sense that they are included in my personal clave to such a degree that they are a primary relationship.

The free flow of information will kill the state. The state, percieving this, will do what it can to quash this. But the state will fail. It is inevitable. It's just a question of how much the state's corpse crushes in the process.

Kafka had some of this in a few of his works. He wrote of a somewhat fictional version of China, this massive empire, where the remote villages were members in name only. A visit from an imperial official was at best a once in a lifetime event. The villiage had a great deal of autonomy. In the immediate political arena, I'd like to see a return of State's Rights, and a lean towards confederacy. A powerful central government ends up becoming its own resistance as it grows. A single government can only scale to a certain size before it breaks down. If that government however, is made up of many small modules, the modules can scale, but the main government is never watching over more than a handful of modules.

Anyway... I should be going food shopping... (and my monitor should be arriving today)

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