How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Well, I was hoping. I was supposed to be teaching Excel Level 2 today, and I heard that the Excel Level 2 class was cancelled- but it was a different Excel Level 2. So I am teaching, and a decent sized class at that. Ah well.

Meanwhile, since its going around, the whole pro-life/pro-choice thing. I am in general anti-abortion. This does not mean I think it should be illegal, I am after all an anarchist, but if a person asked me if I thought having an abortion would be a good idea, I would say no. That is in the general case, and divorced from specifics. I'm not going to make up all sorts of exceptions, rape, illness, etc., because there are too many. You just evaluate things on a case by case basis, and deal with it at that time.

Having been adopted, I've kinda got a vested interest in this. I don't say it's a bad idea in every case, just in general. I grant that there are specific cases where that does not hold true.

My, isn't that a pretty meaningless stance? I'm against it unless I'm not. ::grins evilly::

The big problem is a lack of a neo-tribal attitude. Look after your own, and stop there. These evangelical anti-abortionists are going outside of their tribe, and trying to conquer others. Stick to your tribe, and let the merits of your way of life speak for themselves. If your way is truly better, it will spread, and if it's not, it'll die out.

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