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Logic, the useless toy to prove everything. It's fun.

Speaking of toys, I bought another transformer, this one I know the name, Airazor. This is the transmetal form that she never got in the series, and it rawks. Her robot form is kinda dull, but her beast mode is this hybrid hawk/jet airplane... cyberhawk. It's just cool

Had something wise and sagelike to say here. Can't remember what it was, so jsut insert it here.

Training today was dull as ever. Funny, the training for waterfront management was exactly the same as we got when I worked at the boyscout camp... but we were instructed more thouroghly by the scouts.

Spent the entire day out with people. It was nice, because I haven't done that in awhile. Got to meet Alli fleshside! (pssst... she's cute). Hung with Sam, Apps, Max, Tim, Ben (for a bit) and Jan Marie, who's another person I've been seeing all too little of. We might be doing something on thursday.

I think my mom was flipping through my mage/mad scientist scratchbook. She was asking clumsy questions about my "belief's" and if my beliefs were still "christian". I'm going to place a nasty little sigil in the book to distort the mind of all who open it... and if the mind is unwilling to bend with the new twists... it breaks them. My mom could use a restructuring. Interesting booby trap. I'll have to work on that at some point. It's what people get for flipping through things that they shouldn't...

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