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Good morning world. Welcome to this mess of stuff. "What mess?" you ask, this being the first entry. The mess to which I refer is the node of infospace called my brain. A thousand and one ideas ricochet about, they abound and batter me and make the nature of my life that much more interesting.

Where are we now you ask? My current obsessions of the instant are cyberculture and information, and Lisa Loeb. The current cyberpunk culture is not true cyberpunk, but is the protoform that could become true cyberpunk. Information has to be spread, the faster the better, the more information available, the more freedom that will exist. Lisa Loeb's music nails me in the side of the head (that rather tiny romantic side), and as I've researched some stuff about her (and completely shocked myself by discovering that she was moderately famous... which was sad) and discovered that she seems to be a rather beautiful person.

Back to cyberpunk... what is modern cyberpunk? It ranges across the moron using 1337 5p33<, to the hacker nailing the IRS. There's a very discordinated movement that understands that censorship is bad, secrets are worse, and information is a commodity that can be traded. That's a good start, but people have to understand that cyberpunk isn't about technology... that's just the symptom. Cyberpunk is simply about information. Nothing more. Any method of communication is a tool of the true cyberpunk. This means though that the tekheds can't disparage upon the artisans and craftsmen. The geeks have to unify with the other free spirits.

My computer embodies this unification... the human interface is customized- specially desinged trackball mount (homemade), tweaked GUI again homemade ontop of litestep (, the case is handpainted in my free time...

Information matters.

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