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A few days ago, I get an IM from Ben. Essentially, it goes along the lines: "Remember how you were talking about all of us getting a house together? You game?"

Now, I don't recall saying such a thing. I don't even remember it coming up in conversation. However, it's looking like a good idea. Me, Cate, Ben, James and Tim. I know I can live with Cate and Tim, one of them I am living with, and Tim I lived with at TriMount. It looks like we're going for it.


I've also been thinking about how my life would flow as a series of books.

  1. Book One
    1. Prologue: Remy up to the point of High School. Set up the story, and the setting- Kingston.
    2. Main Book: High School, the development of Jeremy, the dark parts, and the beginning of the shine of his humanity.

  2. Book Two: College, the experience of Remy discovering adulthood, love, and magick. This one starts high, drops low, and near the end, starts to find its way out of the low.
  3. Book Three: College till I move back to K-Town. This is the formation of the modern Remy. The shedding of alot of baggage, and the inspiration of a new way of being. Alot about Cate, alot about Real World.

The rest? It's unwritten as of yet. The third book ends on a full circle note. Back to whence I came, and to the people I came from. From there? Who knows? Who cares? C'mon- bring it!

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