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::bamp bamp bamp:: Another one bites the dust! ::bamp bamp bamp:: Another one bites the dust! And another one quits and another one quits another one bites the dust! Hey! Who's gonna quit next week, another one bites the dust!

Noah, the Facilities manager, Training manager, Assistant General Manager and who know's what else, is quitting. And he won't be replaced. Oh joy.

Okay, enough work shit. I'm reading the Complete Stories of Kafka. Ummm... whoa. Wow. The emotional and pre-conceptual content of his work is amazing. On the other hand, a few of the stories I've read so far, like "A Description of a Struggle", while mind blowing, involve slogging and fighting one's way through nonsensical prose, sudden scene and perspective shifts, unspoken flashbacks...

On the other hand, I'm currently in "The Metamorphesis", and I can see why this one is more widly known. For one, it has a distinct plot and character. A clear theme.

I'm going to go read more.

Heh. Kafakaroach. Use Raid to get rid of your Kafkaroaches, Hegelflies.
Everything but the kitchen-satre.
Don't put Descartes before the horse.
Don't take it Liebniz down.
He Spinozaed around until he got sick and threw up.

Camus hated cars. He refused to ride in them. One day, his train was running really late, and a friend offered him a ride. He got in the car, and off they drove. One tragic accident later, he was found dead, in the passenger seat, with an unused train ticket in the glove box. Camus talked most about absurdity.

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