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Working on compsci wasn't a waste. That was rather silly of me to say. Because it has provided me with alot of the tools I'm going to need to rewrite physcis singlehandedly (for can I deny that as my intention?).

But, lets stop for a moment and step down from the ivory tower.

If you ever want to know if I have a new crush, see if I refer to them by thier name, or by a title. If they're "Cool roleplaying chic", or "Random Smiling Girl," or something... then it's a crush. If they're "Christina"... then it's all good.

I've done alot of movie watching over the past few days, and of course, I'm a critic at heart.

So, let's see. Emperor's New Groove. I wasn't expecting much from this one, I mean, it's Disney right? It was great though, and it made me see what's wrong with the past few outings of disney.

Deep seriousness.... more seriousness....
Wait kids! look! Timon and Pumbaa making fart jokes!
Now back to the plot of Hamlet... I mean Kimba... I mean Simba! Simba!

They try to be serious, but can't, because of the need to appeal to kids, so instead, they throw in bits of humor that don't fit- ruining both the humor and the seriousness. Which is why the Emperor was such a treat... it was a CARTOON! It was silly, it was sometimes stupid, but it was FUNNY. There was a serious kernel of morality in there, but instead of trying to broadcast it, they just let it sit there for you to discover.

Props for that flick.

Death Becomes Her moved along a little quick, but it was enjoyable... simply fun. Neet to see Bruce as a loser.

What Women Want blew big hairy blue balls. Helen Hunt stunk up the screen. Mel did a great job, and so did "Sucidal Girl", who had a depressingly tiny role in the movie (she should have been the love interest, good lord, she was cute.)

traffic is not a movie. It's an extended episode of Law and Order. Which is good, because I love law and order. It shares the same style of moviemaking as law and order, with the quick and sudden cuts, the little pieces of plot that all go together. This I enjoyed, it's very gritty and realistic though.

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