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Fear ruins all sorts of fun. Like trick or treating.

In school they tell kids not to take unwrapped candy while trick or treating. That it might contain razors or pins or drugs. The only cases of such mistreatments were never perpretated against trick or treaters. The few times that has happened, it was always from a relative or close family friend. However, someone started a rumor, and it blew up.

Like the stories of waking up in a bathtub full of ice, and a note that says your kidneys were taken, and you should call an ambulance.
Or the hypodermics/one night stands with a note involved that reads: "Welcome to the world of aids".
Or the ever amusing story of Ragged, the gerbil.

It's all fear. Myself? I refuse to be afraid. I have an ingrained trust of people. In my twenty two years, it has never led me astray. Those "dangerous" areas of town usually aren't. Not if you know how to carry yourself. You of course need to be cautious, but afraid? Never. The world is a dangerous place, and nothing is ever going to make you safe. Get used to it.

You are not safe. You are going to die, and it will not be pleasant. You have no control over this. Bad things are going to happen to you, and no matter what you do, that will never go away. It is your responsibility to develop the courage and wit to handle these things. Do not be afraid. Don't count on some paternalistic entity to create a baby-proof universe for you. You have nothing to count on but yourself. This sounds cynical, but it's truly a statement of hope. It's a statement of courage- I can take care of myself.

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