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Back from Kingston!

I have my hat again! YAY! I lost it on my last trip down there, and it turns out that I left it in my mom's car. Schway.

Cate got accepted into the art department, after some touch and go over some transcript bullshit. Turns out, she needed another copy to submit to the art department, and admissions already had a copy, but "it is property of admissions". They refused to release a copy to arts. And the dick in admissions saw fit to include a barb about the matter in his welcome speech. "You have to be part of the culture here, and part of that culture includes reading forms completely and having all of the information required." Fuckhole.

When we arrived, Cate and I took Jen out to Micheal's Diner, and then the next day we went there again with Apples, Tim and James. We hit K-Mart, which is closing, and having mass clearance. Cate snagged some clothes, and I got a good deal on a DVD player. So we're now a DVD compatible household. Schway. We watched Vanilla Sky over at Apples, again, pretty schway. Very cool movie.

Hung out at my parent's place this morning, and now we're back. YAY US! I need a shower.

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