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Oh, and! I have a plan for the Roleplay!

No date/time arrangements as of yet, I'll come up with that, but...

The game will be Mage:The Acension, with some rule variations. The main one right now is that a mage's arete is capped at two, not three. There will also be fewer dots to invest in spheres. I don't know how many yet, but less. Now though, for the setting:

A wealthy high roller has decided to host a gambling tournament. Very high stakes, read, $250,000 to enter, with 100 gamblers, winner take all. That's right, 25 mil. Now this high roller doesn't want to play the game in anyone's home turf. So he bought a mayor off, and built a gambling palace (not a casino!) in a small midwest town. The town of course, is up in arms over this debauchery. However, hundreds of gamblers have arrived, vying for a spot in this tournament, playing pickup games the week before trying to steal each other's stake. This is where you come in- you are someone who will be involved with the tournament. You don't have to be a gambler, but you're involved in the tourney some how, and are sorely tempted by 25 million dollars. Security is extremely tight as you can imagine.

So think on a character, I don't want too many people involved, so figure the first six or so who say, "Oh me!" are in.

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