How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Friday! Glorious Friday! I have two lessons that could be covered in the morning, and I've got to make the material stretch into midafternoon! Oh, yeah!

It's not like I got to prep this book, and knew that the last three lessons were fluff, and could be covered in no time at all. I mean, ten lessons, five days, what a nice split! Two lessons per day!

Ummm... no. So I keep using my stretcher, having them work on a program, and the bonus- they'll actually learn shit from it.

And I will too! Why, I also don't know this material. I'm learning on the fly. Isn't it cool? It's an ego boost at least. I can just glance at a few lines in the book, understand the topic, and ramble on it for half an hour. One of those "damn I'm cool" moments.

Meanwhile, Cate has a portfolio review at SUNY New Paltz this weekend, so we can get her transferred there for the fall. And I need a car, job, and apartment in that area by the end of May. ::kicks his own ass:: The lovely demoncaller has offered to be our transit down, since we were screwed on that note. Props to her. Meanwhile, I'm seeing if I can round some people up down that way for activeness.

A rememberance: I used to be social- and socially forceful. I'd put my mind to having an activity, and it would occur. It was easier in college, people were around, free time was had, I wasn't tired all the time. But I'm getting back to it. Up until Plum Blossom, I can remember the last event I organized- it was last January, when I was living with Sarah and Dennis. We had people over for cooking and munchies. Roasted apples and almonds with chocolate and caramel dipping sauces. Some main course I don't recall. It was yummy.

Why don't I do that any more? With KTown people I do, but that also comes from the air of "I haven't seen these guys in ages!"

Speaking of, I haven't seen ellie in ages. Real ages. Eons and eons. A year and a half at least. Gotta fix that.

Ummm... ::think think think:: This is random and disjointed, of course, I'm feeling random and disjointed. And social. Which also means that coming soon (perhaps next weekend if I can swing it), a roleplay session. I'm gonna try and come up with a plot that can be compressed into maybe four or five sessions, play it through April. I don't know system, setting or anything yet. It's just an idea, and it won't be anything too ambitious (like the WWII mage thing, that was just too much research).

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