How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Columbia is in the Coalition of the Willing. So's Uzbekistan, the dictator of which makes Saddam look like Mickey Mouse. Wait, no... let me reword that... makes Saddam look like a nice guy. Mickey Mouse is fucking scary.

Meanwhile, nature seems to have a hard on for killing us. Can you blame it? I think this'll be a great tool for evolution. If people like me are the ones who can survive this virus, then the world'll be a better place.

Plagues, wars... wars all over the place. Little brush wars everywhere, in all sorts of small countries.

Not to obsess, but this is picking up a very biblical proportions feeling to me. Everything I can see, every scrying or divination I perform, it all shows me that everything that's been brewing for the entirety of modern history is coming to a large, nasty, festering head.

I'm noticing that this has been invading my LJ more and more lately, but then, it's been invading my mind more and more lately. In other news, I'm wrapping up Urban Primitives, still getting into The Diamond Age by Neal Stepheson (very cool, one of my favorite cyberpunk authors), and about halfway through American Gods by Neal Gaiman. It's a Neal week.

I'll post complete thoughts on them all when I'm done.

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