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Last night was pleasant. We never tracked down demoncaller, but deliriumcrow, pgnblade, iambliss, manycolored, canissum (ever notice how many people's meatside friends group get gathered up on LJ?) gathered ourselves at Plum Blossom, the most gorgeous restaurant ever. It's been a work in progress for decades, and it's nearing completion, with inlay, and just the most delightful decor.

So after a delightful meal of too much asian cuisine (which they wrapped my leftovers, but forgot to wrap Cate's, which were thrown out instead- they struck our appatizer off the check, which was very nice of them), we reconvened at pgnblade and iambliss's place, where we watched The Cradle Will Rock. Wow! Absolutely awesome movie, set during the depression and focussing on a few different distinct threads, the primary one being the Fedral Theater Company, which employed out of work actors, musicians, etc. About unions, Italian facism, art, and Rockefeller; Tim Robbins wrote and directed it, and just having written it was an achievement, it is singularly one of the most broad yet focused scripts I have ever seen, and the direction was flawless.

Not a comedy, but, here are some names: Bill Murray, Joan Cusack, John Cusack (who played Nelson Rockefeller wonderfully), Vanessa Redgrave, Jack Black... there are alot more names, like Ruben Blades playing Diego Rivera...

In other words, this is one of the best movies I have seen in ages. Props for Greg and Andrea for making us watch it. Schway.

(depressing afterward: I've got the Iraq Body Count counter on my main journal, and it's up to between 69-99 civilian deaths.)

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