How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

On Entering into War

This post is not anti-war, but instead, is meant to discuss some of the attitudes in war.

One of my biggest deep in the stomach reactions to this War is the way the public is dealing with this. Newspaper stands advertise their coverage with signs reading "WAR" where the letters have been patterned to look like an American flag. People talk about how we're going to kick some ass, and yes, I've seen posts in LJ where people lament that they don't get to see Iraqis getting blown up in the news. And not as a joke, or at most, a half joke.

War should always be entered into with a feeling of disgust. Whether the war is just or not, codoning war is synoymous with condoning killing on a grand skill. People are going to die. This is not a joke, this is not a game. This is not funny. War is never the right option, just a last resort. It is not something to take joy in, to revel in. Understand what is going on here. People, soldiers and civilians alike, are going to be dealt physical harm, suffering and death. Their lives will be thrown into chaos, their infrastructure will be nonexistant. They will lose loved ones.

Imagine for a moment, telling a mother that her son must die because their country is ruled by a bad man. Wether or not it is right to remove this man from power through military force is not an issue, try and think of her reaction. Try and think of your own, when someone tells you they need to put a bullet through your head because your leader is dangerous.

The question that gets asked by this mother is: "Why me? Why my son?" That question cannot be answered. There is no reason why it has to be her. But her suffering is real nonetheless. For her, there is no happy ending. What solace is freedom when those you would share that privilige with are no more?

People are going to die. This is unpleasant. This is abhorrent. Even when you find that there is no other option available, you must consider the people involved. If you are anything but disgusted by the prospect, our society has terms for you. Like "sociopath". The idea of War disgusts me, the idea that people aren't disgusted by it disgusts me. As you can imagine, I'm fairly disgusted at the moment.

All I'm asking for is a degree of empathy. To put on the other shoes for a bit. This is the foundation of a compassionate society.

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