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So, I end class early because I'm on the verge of dropping into unconsiousness if I have to stand up and sit down one more friggin' time. Told Noah, he approved. Instructors passing out is bad for business ya' know.

At any rate, afterwards, my students loiter, and a few of them ask me, "Do you have the Java certification? Because it seems like you really know alot about Java."

As you may recall from last week's entries, no I don't. Though I must say, as I've taught this week, I realized that there was more about Java that I knew than I thought I did. I feel pretty schway. Aside from the hacking, the tired, the inability to concentrate or focus, and the congestion.

On an other note: Cate and I picked up Urban Primitives last night at Borders. This is by far the best piece of occult literature I have ever seen. It is matter of fact, practical, and applicable in a modern setting. It throws off the arcane, creates a metaphysics that jives with reality, and is just pretty schway. After I finish Cate's Secrets of Shamanism (crappy title, not so bad a book), that's my next priority. Over the past few days I've been mentally kicking around the idea of getting back into technoshamanism, as opposed to technomagery. I'm more a shaman than a mage, I can't take myself seriously enough. Besides, the maging has been leaving a resonance I don't like; I'm more belligerent, opinionated and forceful than I used to be. Nothing wrong with being forceful, except when it's a meaningless application of force.

So I'm kinda purging that resonance, and working more on the shaman aspect. A kind of Nietzchian shamanism, where gods are not denied, but emphasis is put on self achievement. There's nothing wrong with asking for help, but often, it's more fun to do it all yourself. The whole "go into the cave" aspect of shamanistic journeying has been replaced with "go into the subway" for me, and I have visions of an abandoned stretch of track six stories down, lit with high power LED glow lights, monitors, and a connection to an optical backbone. Tesla coils and other strange devices abound. Yeah, I know, I'm weird.

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