How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

"In fact, you will not be saved."

That quote has been echoing in my head, I check the news, and feel this heartbreaking remorse, this sense of failure, the eternal question of "Why didn't I stop this?" I want to fight back, but how? Where? It's such a big target? Where is it vulnerable? Where is it unprotected? At this point, it's too late to save Iraq. There's too much momentum on the sides of the chickenhawks; we'd have to shutdown the economy, and the fact of the matter is that there isn't enough numbers or influence in our cause for this.

Someone in either antiwar or sos_usa posted a link to an article entitled: "How far would you go to prevent war?", and essentially it advocated anonymous strikes at organizations and institutions that were complicit in this war.

But fuck people, how on Earth do we intend to do that? The organizations that we can hit only present us with targets that are vulnerable- and meaningless. Is the bank teller responsible for the bank's evil?

I'm sorry, but to those that think that you can't support the soldiers so long as they fight an unjust war, I can't agree with you. These are fucking human beings, and sure, they may be misguided, but I, in general, don't think that most people are evil. Hell, Bush isn't evil. That doesn't mean I think he should continue breathing, because his continued existance is making mine more risky and unpleasant. That's pragmatism though.

Faugh. Protests have failed, we need something more extreme. A show of force would be dramatic, but we don't have the force to do it. We face down a determined hyperpuissance, and unless China decides to square off against us, or Europe and/or the Third World unite against us, this nation will run around unchecked.

I will not surrender my freedom for safety. Conquering Iraq will not put an end to Terrorism, we aren't "teaching them a lesson", or if we are, the lesson they're learning is that the United States is an imperialist bully which thinks it can run the world.

To everyone in the Project for a New American Century: I hope you suffer. For each hair brained manifest destiny thought in your heads, I want you to die a thousand deaths. This is nothing personal, but you disgust me. Your ideas disgust me. Your orders are stupid. Your intelligence is stupid!

I'm not making threats. This is my little don't arrest me caveat: I may wish ill for people, but I personally won't take any action to bring it. This is mostly through my sense of self preservation. My entire problem with the administration right now is that I have no interest in dying for a stupid reason. Harming stupid people and dying for it is stupid. Or going to jail. Or whatever.

You people are stupid.

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