How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

JBuilder Update

When you relax, and let things slide, you set yourself up to succeed. I was pretty stressed about this class, and unless I actively tried to be not stressed, I'd find myself tensing up. I'm still kinda stressing about some of the later on material, but it's just not worth me worrying about.

Stress not only kills, stress leads to failure on the long term. By allowing yourself to stress, you succeed only at the cost of long term damage to your body and mind. This means that to maintain the same level of performance, you have to actually work harder each time, which generally leads to more stress.

Stress is a drug. I mean, I can feel the high when some emergency presents itself, you've gotta act quick. And it's addictive. You start stressing more and more and more, because you get so much more done. You're more productive and hence more valuable and hence a better person.

Fuck that. Let me repeat Fuck that. Productivity does not define value. That is a lie that only holds true in a consumer culture- because if no one produces, there's nothing to consume. I am not defined by what I produce, I am defined by who I am. I define myself.

Do you realize the godlike blasphemy inherent in that statement? "I define myself." That statement eradicates all power over you. I am my own identity. I am I. I am myself.

Wow... and all this stemming from JBuilder.

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