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Nothing like reading strange science articles to bring me out of a funk.

A very merry unbirthday.

A group of scientists perform a rather rigorous experiment involving plumb bobs, and here's a synopsis.
Theoretically, a wieght at the end of a string is going to move towards the earth's center of gravity. So, if you take two such plumb bobs, and dangle them down say, a mile long shaft, the nearer they get to the center of the earth the nearer together they should get. However, when the scientists did this (taking many many precautions to prevent any interfecence of air currents, motion, swinging and magnetisim, they got the opposite result- that the bobs divirged.

This brings us to the rather interesting, and somewhat nonsensical "hollow earth" theory. The earth is a sphere- but a hollow one. We live not on the outer surface of the earth, but on the inner surface of a hollow sphere. Interesting, no? This would mean that everything else we observe in the universe is INSIDE of our sphere. This makes little sense, doesn't it? After all, it just doesn't fit with what we know of things from space travel- hell, we've all seen pictures of the earth from space, and it's a ball, and we're on the outside...

Yet, I propose that the hollow earth theory is not false- nor would our more practical view of the universe be false. It's a matter of perspective. Now, i'm not just spouting the old, "point of view" rhetoric. There is a reason to say this. It's a matter of turning our frame of reference inside out. Take a tennis ball, and from one side, cut in half way towards the center, then turn it inside out. It remains a sphere, right? Now do this on a multidimensional scale... in four, maybe five dimensions, it's perfectly possible to have it be right side out, and inside out at the same time! I can almost see it, but not clearly enough to explain it to you.


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