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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Grk. Gotta find a way to get less riled up over metasexuality. I'm…

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

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run the fuck away
Grk. Gotta find a way to get less riled up over metasexuality. I'm turning into a fanatic. It just makes so much sense, and it's getting to the point where other sexualities start making me feel uncomfortable. It's not usually the case with comitted relationships, but the more casual ones, it often feels like gender is a very strong deciding factor.

"Why isn't that person a ."

Goddammit, I am not male! I am Remy. That involves a distinct biological makeup, but I am not a male. Nor am I claiming femaledom, or anything else. I'm a unique synthesis of traits that essentially makes me something completely different.

::claws at walls in frustration:: I think part of this is getting pissy over java... it's going to be a total bitch to me. Also, judging from the symptoms, I think I'm hitting that menstrual period. Yes, men menstruate, albiet minus the whole blood thing. Deal with it.
  • How?
    • I assume you mean to menstruation? Men have hormone cycles too. Levels of some increase or decrease over a set period of time. I've been told there's reserach to corroborate this, but I've noticed it experientially. It's alot less defined and regular than female menstruation. I notice a behavior change in myself and other men that I deal with frequently every 20-40 days or so. Fairly cyclical.

      This particular time through is worse than ususal for me, normally I just settle in for a monthly depression, but this time I'm just on edge, ready to bite people's heads off.

      But getting back to the exact mechanism, I'm not a biologist, but the general theory of the whole thing probably would go back to the whole X-chromosone thing. And the fact that the Y-chromosone is essentially an X with missing bits. Men are essentially women minus a uterus, and with a prehensile clittoris.
  • Um...just out of curiosity, what is a Metasexual?
  • You know what I'd love? Just the blood without all the emotional crap. Grrrrggg.
  • i don't know you personally, so it's very possible that any comments i make will either a: make me sound ignorant, or b: make me sound like an ass, but we'll give it a shot anyway...

    i understand the whole sex-vs-gender argument, and agree that "gender" is more or less just a social construction designed for convience of classifying and sorting people, but i don't think i can buy into the concept of metasexuality.

    personally, i identify as a heterosexual male. and all that really means, as far as i'm concerned, is that i was born with a dick and that when it comes to *sexual activity*, i choose to interact with those that don't. why? because in determining the sexual attractiveness of someone, i prefer to consider both the body AND the mind. and while i'd agree with your comments in abstractthought that a brilliant (or whatever traits one finds attractive) mind can make a physically unappealing person appear much more desirable, i also contend that certain traits are absolute dealbreakers that cannot be overcome by an abundance of good stuff in other areas. just as i would be unlikely to be interested in sexual activity with a physically stunning female who was a complete and total asshole with the IQ of a slug (mind takes precedence over body), i would just as unlikely be interested in sexual activity with a male of any attractiveness level who was absolutely brilliant and a great fit from a personality standpoint (body takes precedence over mind).

    however: simply because i'm not interested in a sexual relationship with someone, i.e., the male of the previous example, in no way precludes me from having a close, meaningful relationship with that person. maybe it's because i don't attach that much importance to sex in the first place, but i don't see my lack of openness to sexual contact to certain people as a weakness or any other sort of negative trait. i like what i like, just as you do, and while i'm not opposed to trying something new, there are limits to my adventurism.

    • I generally look at it as interface vs. implementation. A good implementation can make up for a substandard interface.
      • but a substandard interface can make one not want to deal with the implementation at all. i.e., yeah, there's lot of good shit in there, but getting at it is such a pain in the ass that it's not worth it.
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