How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Noah comes in (my latest manager), and says, "Hey, how comfortable are you with the .Net stuff?" I'm not really yet, I've just started working with it. "But you could be comfortable?" Hell's yes. The more I learn about .Net, the happier I am. C# is everything I've ever wanted in a programming language. "Okay, because we've got an opening in our .Net training."

That last sentance left me confused.

Jason Appel, the tech guy that was supposed to be training the .Net gave his notice today. Which means I can leverage for more time to get my MSquish certs, and once I have an MSquish premium cert, I can teach the MSCertified technical classes in .Net.

This is, in every way shape and form, a good thing for me.

Aside from the fact that vetrans are dropping like flies, no one (myself included) wants to be here, and the business is on shaky financial footing.
Quitters (in the past few months):
  • Vince

  • Dennis

  • Glen

  • Jason

I just touched up Shezad's resume, he didn't have time to fix it today, and needs to send it out for a job he wants by five. The manager interviewing said he thinks Shezad can get it.

Sticking in the training department, there are now only half the instructors are more senior to me, and I've seen the same number leave for better jobs. Like rats man... like rats...

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