How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

First some more pacifism.

Remember people, no matter how vile Saddam Hussein is, when the troops start marching, he isn't who they're fighting- they'll be fighting the Iraqi people, most of whom are just that, people. They don't want to die, and probably aren't all that interested in killing- unless they're forced to make the choice.

Meanwhile, last night Aram came over, and we chatted. He and Sally have ceased using the conjuction in that phrase, at least temporarially. They needed to take a break, work things out; Aram was pretty saddened by the whole thing, as is to be expected. Cate and I stayed up late, keeping him company, trying to make him feel better. It was good, we went out to Professor Java's with Dave, Avery and Adrianne (Avery, Adrianne and Aram... little alliterative cluster).

Aram is one of the most honestly enthusastic people I know. Everything he does, he does wholeheartedly. I envy that. I hope to be able to emulate that. He's going to be swinging out to Minneapolis for awhile, visit his brother, then swing back this way. When the weather is better, we want to see if we can arrange a nice little climbing outing with him, Tim, Ben, Daryl, Apples, et al.

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