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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Social Control Systems: Notes

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Social Control Systems: Notes

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run the fuck away
Okay, talking with Jen after the protest helped fill in the blank.

Social Control System is defined as any organized effort to moderate the behavior of a group of citizens. Government is one such social control system, as is religion, morality, patrol systems, police, etc.

The problem with any form of SCS is a matter of scale. After a certain point, the mechanics of maintaining the system outwiegh its ability to act in its designed role- as a method of SCS.

A SCS must apply behavior modification to its citizens. The two standard methods of this are the traditioanl carrot and the stick. These are general categories, but they fairly well encompass all methods of social control.

To avoid the scaling issue, we must start by capping the size of the target population.

The basic object in this system is an indivudal person. The behavior of this person, and the interface that it uses is incnosequential, instead, we will start a level higher.

The key object in the system is an SCS-node. An SCS-node is a logical construct, containing a group of 2-32 people. The exact nature of the methods used for this SCS are inconsequential. The only thing that matters is the interface that these nodes use:

Im/Emmigration: Every SCS-node must have some method of dispersing it's population, or increasing it.
Clustering: SCS-nodes that share similar methods may choose to form contracts, the SCS-node behaving as an individual. Any SCS-node in the cluster can choose to exit this cluster at any given time.
Fragmenting: As an SCS-node increases in size, its population may exceed a managable level. At this point, an SCS-node must break up into smaller, more managable nodes. These nodes can then choose to cluster.

This is a very general design, and protocols will be required to be designed, but the key component is at least understood. The important key is that every SCS-node has to have a standard interface.
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