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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

More weekendage...

At any rate, yesterday, we had Apples, Becky, Sarah, Dennis, Avery and Adrianne over for occulty bit stuff. It was terribly not productive, but it was fun.

There is a strong agreement that something is happening, and has been for a long time, but it's getting increasingly insistent. We have no idea what is happening. It's a high stakes affair, that much my gut tells me, but what is it? All we can do is point to a series of things, any one of them by themselves is odd, but not too drastic, but all of them popping up at the same time is getting worrisome.

Divination predicts the oddness. A reading I did last night with my Alice deck said that there was something really obvious that we were missing, and that things were happening (big surprise), it ended with a sum up of a pleasant journey, a discovery. The required influence in the situation was a highly organized and practical occulty bit. Is there such a thing? I have yet to meet an occulty bit that could keep their shit together- and be an interesting occulty bit. The only ones I've seen to do that are the "bookstore pagans", they pray to the old gods, believe that there's more to the world, but never get involved in anything really big.

Cate has a far more interesting reading, which she can post in her journal, she's got it written down. I'm going to do a few more myself, see how I can direct things. I'm gonna try and get back into the tarot habit, once a day. I'm also going to try stretching at least once a day to increase my flexibility.

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