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i brealy consious. Up late, up early (bed at 5:30, rude awakening at 9:00- I was only not mad because it was a nummy thunderstorm). Though something tells me Liz has even more right to complain, because she had to head off to church this morning, and we kept each other up that late. Good, uberdeep convo... muchly thought stimulating.

RPed with Pete, Dave and Brian. Pete's game is... well, it need's a crutch cause it's a little on the lame side, but today's a good session. Funny how it was a good session and someone was obviously absent (meanly, Pete cut out Steve, but that's because Steve is a bitch.). He gets offeneded by the presence of any personality in any people present. He hates being within line of sight of people he doesn't know. He hates the idea of anyone who's roleplaying doing anything in character. Le sigh...

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