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More Occultism...

Knight2142: hey remy
Knight2142: yah i'm still into it..why??
xhaSbEeNfounD: been noticing anything odd or portentous?
Knight2142: how do you mean??
xhaSbEeNfounD: Apples, Cate, myself, a random druid, Sean and a few others have been noticing... something really big on the cusp of happening
Knight2142: is sean suicidelking??
xhaSbEeNfounD: All of the spirits I've been talking to are dealing with an incredible urge to go to war against a nameless, unknown enemy
xhaSbEeNfounD: tis
Knight2142: i ahve yet to feel/hear anything big
Knight2142: i can do some divining if you want
xhaSbEeNfounD: godforms seem to be immune... but all the spirits that share this plane with humans seem to be... going insane.
xhaSbEeNfounD: that could be cool
Knight2142: sure...of course i might give you the same results as your druid friend
xhaSbEeNfounD: Sean's gone off the deep-end in many ways...
Knight2142: so??
Knight2142: he find out about jan?

xhaSbEeNfounD: find what out?
Knight2142: she's getting married
xhaSbEeNfounD: i don't know... I didn't even know...
Knight2142: shit
Knight2142: yah..jan is marrying matt with in hte year i think
Knight2142: sorry you had to find out this way and not from her
xhaSbEeNfounD: i see..., that definitely makes things a bit more interesting
Knight2142: don't it
Knight2142: so how is sean falling apart now??
xhaSbEeNfounD: typical sean shit... going to "the other side" as he puts it. Telling us he knows all sorts of things, but not sharing the information.
Knight2142: he still living at home??
Knight2142: i haven't talked to him in forever
xhaSbEeNfounD: nodnod...
Knight2142: and randomly..hows apples and ray ray and tim??
xhaSbEeNfounD: Cate and I have been attacked several times in the past few days
Knight2142: by what??
xhaSbEeNfounD: Apples and Tim are good, Tim's been with Sarah for ages now. Rayray is off being a military boy someplace; I haven't heard much about him
Knight2142: ok
Knight2142: good for tim
xhaSbEeNfounD: The most recent (and nasty one) was a spirit that killed a guardian at the circle in k-town. I imprisioned it there; Sean let it out. Cate got possessed by it, or a servant of it. Big nasty scary night that involved chasing her all over Troy.
Knight2142: bind sean
xhaSbEeNfounD: not an underbad idea.
Knight2142: i lolve him...he's a great friend...but bind the shit out of him
xhaSbEeNfounD: Apples, Cate, Becky and I, and perhaps some others, are getting together this weekend and I'll suggest that.
Knight2142: tell me when..i can assist on a 2 pronged attack
Knight2142: so to speak
xhaSbEeNfounD: nodnod... I'll let you know before anything happens.
Knight2142: great...oh, by the by, lilith says hi
Knight2142: :-D
xhaSbEeNfounD: heh... bitch.
xhaSbEeNfounD: To her of course, that's a compliment
Knight2142: if i ever see her again
Knight2142: i broke her connetion with this plane of existance
Knight2142: O:-)
Knight2142: how's your avitar doing??
xhaSbEeNfounD: oh she'll be back, she's got enough sevants.
xhaSbEeNfounD: Been quiet really. It's a procupine now.
Knight2142: i made my own special trap for her
Knight2142: a'd you manage that??
xhaSbEeNfounD: that's what showed up one day
Knight2142: what happened to...
Knight2142: i forget his name
Knight2142: the one from camp
xhaSbEeNfounD: aquilla... he retired, so to speak.
Knight2142: oh...ok
xhaSbEeNfounD: i was a rought pupil
Knight2142: he yah
Knight2142: *hell
Knight2142: i still got eli over my shoulder so to speak
xhaSbEeNfounD: well, that's always a good thing
Knight2142: oh yes
Knight2142: and surprisingly enough i have "initiated" like 4 people into energy/magick
Knight2142: just this school year
xhaSbEeNfounD: i'm going to be dropping some awakening bombs around to increase belief
Knight2142: nice
xhaSbEeNfounD: I've got the design for it in the back of my head, I've just gotta finish up the detail work
Knight2142: and i found a nice little "coven" around here
Knight2142: hehe
Knight2142: if you want the details for my trap i can try and get them to you
Knight2142: its a very helpfull devise
xhaSbEeNfounD: never hurts to have a tool like that
Knight2142: and also...what line is your druid in??
xhaSbEeNfounD: no idea... he's from Britain
xhaSbEeNfounD: he came over to observe what's happeing post World Trade Center
xhaSbEeNfounD: the gate that opened up by that and all
Knight2142: find out, becasue each line has it's own tricks
Knight2142: me being justice can switch the souls of people
Knight2142: i can also do some other neat tricks
Knight2142: brb in ten
Knight2142 signed off at 8:18:38 PM.
xhaSbEeNfounD: more handy stuff
Previous message was not received by Knight2142 because of error: User Knight2142 is not available.

Knight2142 signed on at 8:20:54 PM.
Knight2142: ok
Knight2142: you all in kingston??
xhaSbEeNfounD: more handy stuff
xhaSbEeNfounD: no, I'm still in Troy, thereby Cate and the druid person.
Knight2142: i've also learned a couple of other tricks...A) changing a persons element B) creating a energy ball over a person without their knowing and can drop it with a snap
Knight2142: so if you need help..i have a friend who lives in red hook and might be able to get up there
xhaSbEeNfounD: that could be very cool...
Knight2142: so let me know...and she and our frined could also help...(both witches {one egyption orientaion one gothic middle ages})
xhaSbEeNfounD: heh... could make an interesting mix...
Knight2142: yah
Knight2142: could be fun
Knight2142: 2 egyption, a gothic witch, and cate and whatever you are
xhaSbEeNfounD: Cate's in a much... older tradition.
xhaSbEeNfounD: She's more fae than human by descent.
Knight2142: ok
xhaSbEeNfounD: Fae royalty actually.
Knight2142: i have gotten more evidence to show i am of elvin decent
xhaSbEeNfounD: I've identified my origins... I'm a reality virus released by a group of transdimensional spiders to hack the universe.
Knight2142: nice
xhaSbEeNfounD: yeah.. the spiders and I don't get along
xhaSbEeNfounD: they made me to be hard to control, and they made too well
Knight2142: i agree
xhaSbEeNfounD: that's okay, they lost their sway when it was discovered that I made them only so they could make me
Knight2142: hehe

Umm... and yes, sometimes Frog does talk out his ass.

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