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So James _is_ an OccultyBit!

TiercelJM: Although I hear Jasmin is now disappointed in me because I'm, quote, "twenty years old and still playing magic", unquote. Which I take as a terrible insult; I haven't played with magic cards in years.
TiercelJM: Well, unless you count tarot, and I don't. Not necessarily.
xhaSbEeNfounD: what magic have you been playing with?
TiercelJM: Mmmn, nothing I guess.. alhough it was magic driving aorund this morning. Vicky reminded me how much she loves driving on snow; we only spun out twice :-)
TiercelJM: Correction: no conscious magic.
xhaSbEeNfounD: expound...
xhaSbEeNfounD: and cate wants to know if you hve heard the cranes
TiercelJM: Cranes? Like birds?
xhaSbEeNfounD: band
TiercelJM: Hmm. Nu-uh.
TiercelJM: Although The Doves kick azz.
xhaSbEeNfounD: they sound kinda like the Sneaker Pimps
TiercelJM: Ohh, that's good.
TiercelJM: Anyway, I think I do things unconsciously sometimes, but I can never really tell. Like when I stopped the car from spinning into a telephone pole. Or maybe it just happened to spin in exactly the right way to pass between two poles and not hit a store front. Nothing one can ever prove. So ehh.
xhaSbEeNfounD: only weenies need proof
TiercelJM: Heh, there is that. I don't need proff Vicky is a female car but wasn't when I got her, I just know. And I don't need proof that my old car's spirit has taken up residence with my new car..
TiercelJM: Err, proof.
xhaSbEeNfounD: nodnod... I understand that
TiercelJM: A car is a rather personal thing. I imagine people invest as much into it as they did their horse long ago. Well, some people.
xhaSbEeNfounD: alot of people... some people invest too much,.. they usually have really big spoilers
TiercelJM: ... no, they're lame. "Hey, I'll get daddy to buy me a $4,000 car, and then finance my putting in $6,000 worth of new equipment!" No, too stupid, pal.

The plot thickens.

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