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Rowlf. Rowlf was cool. I mean, he was no Skeeter, and definitely not a Gonzo, but then again who is?

That was completely irrelevant to anything... but important to me.

I mean... can I aspire to be anything more than Gonzo? I've got the nose already... dye my skin blue, and shoot myself out of cannons. Actually... I am plotting to build an ubercapacitor out of cooking oil and tinfoil. An entire roll of tinfoil. I should really look up the formula and see how much capacitance that is. But I do like surprises...

For all things that are beautiful... "I am me". And bite off if ya don't like it.

For I, I am Remy, ruler of all I survey, except that which someone else is ruling. Gotta share and all that. Besides, i've never been much of a surveyor... those little telescopes confuse me.

But no, seriously, wait? Seriously? Fuck that. Litterally... Seriousness is horny too, otherwise it wouldn't be so serious. Seriousness is horny about getting laid! Let me tell you! (and I just did)

See, sadness is beautiful- Edward Scissorhands and The Crow teach us that. Happiness is beautiful too- we can feel that easily. Besides... happiness is a lie contrived to make us believe that something can be unhappy!

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

Okay, as you can tell, I'm in a bubbly... odd... mood. I hereby invoke Eris to induce me into positive Eristic vibes and give me a royal skullfucking! Ride me like the bitch I am Eris! My brain needs to get laid out by a raging birth of the Eristic principles of creativity and playfulness and disorder!

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