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Alright, let's get this out, and cleared up.

First off, the only one looking at me as a leader right now is Sean, and you know what? I have no intention of being a leader. I end up in that role sometimes because... well, I'm willing to let it all hang out and take action when it needs to be done. But I think that most of the time, we're all willing to let things swing back and forth between us to get the job done.

The only one talking War right now is Sean. War is bad. If this turns into a War, then we've lost. A War would result in the destruction of most of the spirits in the world, and nothing could stem that loss, no action in war would prevent it.

As far as the wisdom of age, it's the older souls that I've met that cause the most trouble. I'm proud that this is my first and only incarnation. I'm proud because it means I have no status quo to maintain, just desire- and I will fashion the world to my desire, as per my own choices.

Last night, Cate was overrun with something not herself, and it was a near thing getting it out. The thing that was imprisioned in the circle was locked there because it killed one of the Guardian spirits- I _saw_ that. The spirits worldwide are massing for War, not because they see any enemy, but because they have this draw, this pull that they can't escape. A select few are trying to resist, trying to stop the others. The walls between worlds are geting inflamed from too much traffic by people who don't know what they're doing, and it's getting infected, and that infection is spreading into the traditional "astral" plane. The destruction of the World Trade Center opened a gate into an other-place, and whatever is on the otherside hides behind an Incarnation of Fear. A meaningless War is about to break out in the physical, but it will polarize the Spirit as well; there are many powerful Eastern spirits that will not take this assault lightly.

So yeah, Shit is going to Happen. If the Spirits let themselves be lead in a war against a faceless enemy, or even a faced enemy, then they are all dead.

There is Judgement coming, I talked to the Stoned Dragon from Tri-Mount a bit, and he warned that this was Judgement- Judgement as to wether or not there could still be Magick in this World, other than the Magick humans create. The beings sitting this Judgement?


We need to palaver, not to plan War, but to plan its avoidance. To realign ourselves as a group. With few exceptions, our most powerful magick has always been wielded together.

No one has betrayed us. Jan made some mistakes. She's been pulled away from us physically, but we have to put aside that baggage. Frog went and left us for chasing pussy, and hell, he's young and stupid. We can let it slide. Ray-Ray has been trying to do things with his life; the last I heard he was in the Air Force. Our lives can't, and don't, revolve around the circle, there are other things to do in life. And at the same time, the Circle is growing. We have Becky now. We have Cate. Even James has some awareness of what is going on. Cate and I have many aware friends out this way.

And yes Sean, you've spent time batting for the other team. Very nice for you. We all have, willingly or not. Some of my closest non-human friends are the spirits that most consider evil. This isn't about good and evil anymore. This is about what shape the Universe is supposed to take.

Everything is preparing for a realignment. During that period of flux, everyone gets a vote, but that vote only counts for how much you're willing to follow it up. Most of the people don't care, they aren't invested in this life, and their votes won't count for much. But there's a fucking lot of them, and yett more that believe the world should be mundane and regular, and willing to stake everything on that belief.

So yeah, we've got some work cut out for us. We need to take some action, somehow.

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