How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

The first place in Armor by John Steakley that made me cry is 75 pages in. I tried telling myself that the character that made me cry wasn't real, and while that made the crying stop, it made it hurt worse.

So she gets to be real.

Speaking of Real, the Dragon Cate and I hatched last year (round this timeish) woke up as I walked past tonight, just enough to "gift" me with a vision, and a warning. For all you occulty type peoples out there, please keep your ears to the ground. There's enough shit in the mundane world that I know there will be shockwaves, and I think the reprecussions could be very, very, very bad.

As a note, I am a Discordian Rationalist. Also, as another note, for the less interesting rationalists, I have this to say about my occult interest:
Rationality is predicated on reliance of the senses. Taking the observed and extrapolating from there. I have observed things of occult natures. Therefore, it is Rational to assume that these things occured (or it's rational to assume that my senses are faulty, but since that opens up a door that Descartes shat upon, let's not go there), even if I cannot explain the mechanism for them.

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