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So anywho...

I was supposed to go do a consulting gig tonight, but the guy had to leave. End result: a ride home, but no paying consulting work, at least till tomorrow. Ah well; he wants to get it done before he goes on vacation on Wedensday.

Millie read my profile after I posted in thursdayschild's journal. She thought I was Seamus. Millie dear... who would go by t3knomanser and has a tall purple and white striped hat that they'd use as an LJIcon? This isn't rocket science, is it? Apparently I used a Seamusism in my profile, which I now have to track down, to see if this is true, because I didn't know this. One look at the interests make it obvious I'm not Seamus! Oi!

I'm teaching Access XP twice this week: the courseware is better organized, but it lacks the step by step instructions for teaching. In other words, it's damn good I know Access really well.

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