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Good things about this morning: I could find my glasses, and I didn't miss the 55 bus.

Of course, I couldn't find anything else, including pants, my wallet, a hair tie, or a shirt. And the 55 was 15 minutes late, which meant that the fact that my connecting bus was 5 minutes late did not matter. Oh, and I'm subject to a raging depression, I didn't ghost my room because in the past all of the other tech classes I've taught Facilities wanted to ghost, but this one I was supposed to, I'm still subject to a raging depression, and I had to take a bus at six this morning.

I can't remember a depression quite like this one before. Usually, I just feel flat and empty, or like part of me is missing. Those are terribly unpleasant, but you get used to them. This one is new... I've been on the verge of tears for good parts of the morning, and on the bus ride in I caught my face contorted as if I were in some great physical pain.

Today's just gonna suck isn't it? I'm glad that when Cate and I got cigarettes last night, one pack ended up in my coat pocket. And I discovered that K-Mart has a really good toy department with a decent Transformers selection, and I pass by it on my way home. So there's something to look forward to.

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