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Things not so see when you roll out of bed in the afternoon: Primary hard disk fail.

I jiggled some cables, restarted the computer and it works now, so apparently, one of the IDE cables was loose. ::shrug::

Last night: All friends gathering at the Power Company for gothnight. And I do mean all (almost), at least from the Albany area.
Andrea, Amanda, Sarah, Sarah (Campbell), Jeremy, Argus, Will, Joyce, Nick, Seamus, Robin, Scott, Jen, Sally and her Boy Toy Aram, Missi, and others that either I can't think of, or can't name. Or don't quite fall in the "friends" category.

Sally and Aram are really cute, they just moved in together, and Aram looks like Cary Elwes. This isn't just a passing resemblance, the only big difference is the hair, Aram's got a kinda moplike thing going on.

This morning was mindblowing sex, demonstrating that the human body is incredibly durable, flexible and stretchy, and this evening is dinner with Jen (Cate's old friend) at Peaches, tomorrow is Linner (lunch/dinner) with Cate's family at the Weathervane in Saratoga.

Jam packed goodness!

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