How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

So according to some people ::ahem::, my silly One-Ring/Bush picture was the "most interesting thing I've posted in ages".

Now, I know, that I, myself find my posts interesting, and this caused all sorts of moments of trepidation. But then I stopped.

Anyway, stuff- I'm reading a really good collection of short stories from "An Anthology for Writers". It makes me want to write more. I always think, "Oh, I'm no good at it," but I've always got "The Face that Lauched a Thousand Ships", which was really good. I'm still proud of it, and I know- yes, I can write. But I lack the conviction.

So instead:
I enjoy writing,
It is not my conviction,
Instead, a haiku.

A whispering light,
Sages speak from a beyond,
Screen reading shows life.

Livejournal, is in some ways, biblical. As you read the bible, they say, it also reads you. Livejournal is very much this way, as I read people's journals, make comments, add people to my friends page, join communities, I'm leaving a trail of identity that works it way through the web.
It is, only upon reflection that one can truly see themselves. A truism, and a silly one, but complete. By observing how the world around us makes us feel, we get an understanding of our body, of our mind.

Today, I critisized someone about a graphic, and they accepted this criticism, and made changes based on it. Everyone else that saw the graphic went on about how great it was. I rattled off ideas on how to improve it, and was given the reply: "THANKS! Now that's a response that I can use!"

That's nice. I also only have four students, and I had three at the start of the day (one of them came late due to a job interview). I'm free of French Fri Friday, and can run home at a reasonable hour. Schway.

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