How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Well, I had an unexpected prep day today. I also took the full trip to work via bus today, because when I left on Tuesday, Greg was teaching night tonight. Except he got moved to day. Which means I could have ridden in with him. Bah!

So, I'm browsing the news, and realized that I have a Lexmark printer. I really don't like it either. If I had more liquid cash, I'd replace it with something really nice.
Meanwhile, I'm starting to realize that digital protection is a more and more important issue. It's always stuck in my craw, but the final outcome of this battle will set the tone for the next fifty years.

Sorry, just had to play with tables. I was feeling silly. I'm prepping Visual Basic today, and what do you know, but that the material I'm teaching is stuff I already know. This makes me very very sad, as I was hoping to learn something new in the next few days of prepping. Instead, it's a review/refresh with a few snippets that I might be unaware of.

People are taking a five day class and spending gobs of money to learn what I did in about 10 hours of button pushing. Pitiful humans.

And this little discussion being carried on in that cutie, wolfieboy's journal is worth a read. I apologize for the i-type, r-type stuff, but it just came out.

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