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Alright, and idea...

Okay, I've been inspired by my adventures in textrp. I'm going to, in the very near future, open my own RP forum along those lines.

Wonderland's Ashes

First Imagine what happens when you live in a world concieved by Tolkein, Dickens and Gibson.

Imagine Victorian England, imagine walls soiled with creosote, and air thick with burning coal. Imagine nights of gilded carriages and royal pomp, and imagine the monster is under the bed. See in your mind a factory run by children, children who are both human, elf, dwarf and other.

Yes, this is the world of Wonderland's Ashes. A world where fantasy and industry have blended into steampunk, where Difference Engines are the final word in computing, where mad scientists toil endlessly at magickly powered/steam assisted devices, and industry moguls force their workers to recieve bizarre implants to make them better laborers.

It is a world of Darkness, it is a world where the same epics that we read of in Tolkein happen, but instead of goblin mines, a hero must venture into the goblin's coke (as in the replacement for coal you twits) factories.

It is up to you, the player, to define this world, as much as I, the forum owner will guide that development. I have given you the idea, the seed, and will water the seed time to time by adding characters or areas to the setting, but I will not take a heavy hand.

The initial setting for the RP is as follows:
It centers on a pub in this fantastic London called Wonderland's Ashes. It's a lower class pub, where factory workers of all races and callings gather after a hard day at work. It's where the disenfranchised with linger, because of the ample supply of cheap drink and cheap food (though all of questionable quality). Bordering it on three sides are large factories, a textile factory, a steam engine factory, and a factory producing mage-tech. Along the fourth side of the pub lies a small street running parallel to the pub's entrance, and on the opposite side of the street is the river Thames.

Beyond the factories lay yet more factories, slums and ghettoes. Beyond that (oh so far beyond that) one can find the upper crust portions of London, the mansions of gold, crystal, and glass.

As for your characters, think hard about the background and personality of your character before entering. It is up to you to develop this by roleplay, but there are a few things to establish right out:

Godplay is forbidden. Your character cannot do anything they want, they, like any real person, has limitations. That doesn't mean they might not be exceptional in some way, but everyone has limits.

PC Combat is fine, but you and your opponent have to work out how that runs for yourselves. If I need to step in to resolve a "He's dead" "No I'm not" conflict, someone will die.

Multiplaying is allowed! Either generate a seperate LJ name for each character or make sure it is _perfectly_ clear which character is doing what. Don't abuse the privlege.

Other than that, I can't think of anything really crucial. In my experience, these places can run themselves if everyone concentrates on creating a good story, so imagine this as a hybrid roleplay/circlewrite.

That's a pretty vague idea of what I'm thinking about. Anyone have any thought's? Comments? Interest?

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