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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Your ring fingers are the least useful parts of your hands, right?…

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

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run the fuck away
Your ring fingers are the least useful parts of your hands, right? Yet much historical lore attributes a special sensitivity to them. In medieval Europe, apothecaries believed their "leech fingers" could detect when mixtures of herbs had harmful qualities. It was also in that era that married couples first wore their wedding rings in the place where everyone does today. Both traditions originated in an even more ancient notion that a unique nerve links the fourth digit directly to the heart. I mention this, Taurus, because your ring finger is a potent symbol right now. As one example of what it should move you to meditate on: A resource you believe to have marginal value may be essential in keeping your sympathy flowing and your feelings thriving.

Interesting thought from good ol' Rob Brezny, gonna have to think on that one some. Smart man that Rob.

Sometimes, you search and you find yourself when you don't expect to. I feel so famous to see myself pop up so readily on a search about magick. I feel special.

Magick... I've been starting to reopen myself to it, slowly breaking down the barriers and restraints I've erected after many, many a screw up. I tend to be reactionary... I reach out, get hurt, and then it's a struggle to reach out. I've discovered that I have to keep going, with the Principia Discordia by my side... that's crucial. The Principia is a great text, and it puts the right amount of recognition of absurdity in everything you attempt.

See, everything we do is absurd, it's stupid, it's crazy. Sometimes though, we get so caught up and start getting afraid, afraid of failure, afraid of sucsess- or just plain scared. "Fear makes for a bad trip. Mankind has been on a very bad trip for a long time now."

It's a joke

The whole thing is one great big cosmic joke. "What thing?" Yeah, that thing. Anything. It's a joke. The existance of death is a lie to make you believe that you are alive. The existance of evil is a lie to make you believe that there is good. The existance of lies is a lie to make you believe in truth.

"Sanity is not statistical." I'm not crazy. The humdrum rationalism is the mental disease. The idea that the world has to make sense and operate according to set rules and patterns... that's insane. The world is a dance of potentials. Anything CAN happen. Reality is the original rorshack, and the universe is the ultimate WYSIWYG. If you see a rational, cold unfeeling universe, that's what you're going to get. If you see a playground with slides and swings and elves and munchkins playing... that's what you'll get. Either way of looking at it is equally true.

Etherites have conflicting theories- any two Etherites will believe completely different things (they're both right however, being that thier inventions based upon those theories work).
  • Where did you get this information. Very interesting.
  • Fight banality! Commit random acts of joy and senseless glory!
  • what does "WYSIWYG" mean and is "magick" different than "magic"?

    can what you're saying be summed up in the idea that reality is all in your mind, nothing exist outside your mind, and "normalcy" is nothing more than years of being "brainwashed"?
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