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"I'm sorry sir," the attendant said, "But LongNight Airlines regrets to inform you that we have lost a great quantity of your emotional baggage."

"What?" The weary traveler demanded, his face angry. "I'll have you know that that luggage was extremely important to me."

"Yes, the airline understands, and we took the liberty of having your luggage appraised and are willing to pay the full value of your luggage. Thirteen cents."

"Excuse me? I know it did not have much monetary value, but the sentimental value was priceless!"

"Again, sir, LongNight airlines gives you our most gracious apologizes. You must understand that with the current restructuring, there's alot of changes happening, and things get lost in transit. While we take every measure to protect these things, occasionally a piece of emotional baggage gets lost by our handlers. Our advice remains to limit any emotional baggage you have to the carry on size."

The traveler stormed about noisly, "But I have so much more than carry on! What am I supposed to do with it?"

The attendant smiled graciously. "I'm sorry sir, but to be frank, that isn't our problem. Perhaps a yard sale is in order?"

"It's only got sentimental value. No one else would want it."

"Why do you?"

The traveller looked about for a second, completely confused. "I don't really know!"

"Then why do you have it?"

--Inspired by Rob Brezney's Gurreilla Oracle, for taurus of course.

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