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Apparently, all the vibes of people with new year's resolutions has hit me, and I find myself deciding that it's time to start taking some direction in my activities. Not any resolutions mind you, just a desire to work some of the flab from my mind and body. As such, I've started excersising again (just some pushups, but you'd be amazed at what those do for me), started flexing my mind a bit and generating ideas again, as well as just forcing myself ot be consious during waking hours (recently, I've been coasting on autopilot most of the time).

Meanwhile, one of my students today was from the office of academic affairs at Siena. She played the "you look so familiar, but I can't place you" game, up until I said, "The hat," at which point she remembered exactly who I was.

There was some other stuff to go here, but I've forgotten it.

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