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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Wow, this sounds healthy.

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Wow, this sounds healthy.

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run the fuck away
How do you know your business is doing really well?
Look for these signs of health:

Trivia question: Who really signs your paycheck?

As you have seen, sales are off. We need your help, not in making the sales, but in giving more time to the Sales Dept. to generate business.

If you are not training, please go to the lobby in the morning to greet students. This will allow sales people to use that time to make more calls. More calls mean more sales. More sales mean more training. More training means job security.

We are all one big team. Sales has been helping us, and now it is our turn to help them.

Tom H.

Ans. All our customers sign our paycheck. Without them, NHA does not exist.

Heh... [action]logs onto monster[/action]
  • Good luck getting your resume together. Sounds like it's about time.

    Off topic - did you guys get the box of Holiday Goodness from all of us here in Desertland?
    • Errrmmm... not yet? I hope you didn't UPS it, UPS and we are not getting along. They tend to deliver our packages to someplace other than our apartment, and the driver signs for it.
      • Uuuhhh... we sent it however Mail Boxes Ect. sent it... Ground... I'll hunt up the tracking number and check it out.
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