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Fact- Livejournal has achieved the critical amount of angst so that the pull of self centeredness is greater than the elasticity of the words, compressing them down below thier Kerr radius, creating a black hole that will keep sucking at us all...

Which is absolutely wonderful- because we all need a deep, dark hole to dump the shit that we just can't, shan't, and won't carry anymore.

I hate my parents. They put demands on me that are perfectly reasonable, but i want nothing to do with them. Who are these people sleeping in the room next to mine? I don't know them, and don't care to. In fact, from everything I've seen of them, I'd rather not be around them. How is it that you can live with someone for twenty one years and not know them at all?

Fact- I do care for Amanda. But that doesn't change the fact that I am not relationship material. Not only that, I don't want to be. There are certain things I do like about myself, and I don't want to be changing them to fit into our culture.

Fuck the culture

I'm running for president in 2012, I'll be couting on your vote.

Since I've been home, i've felt stuff dying in me. It happens every time. My family has this effect on me. They have a very set way of thinking- they're intimately tied into our world. I am not, nor do i want to be. Money, finances, practicality?


Who can tell me that I can't just up and fly? Who can tell me that I don't see dragons? Who can tell me that a fairy didn't kiss me once, or that I didn't do battle with the evil Kufu (no relation to the pharoah) in the fields of trimount, or that magick doesn't flow through every inch of existance?

The mobius strip is the model for all things. It says everything that the yin/yang says, but more visually, more dimensionally, and in a way that can't be argued. Unity in all things.

I love you- but who am I talking to?

I had sake for the first time, and got myself a bit tipsy. The warmth gets the alcahol into your system faster. Why is it that I am more comfortable with the idea of being stoned than with being drunk? Is it simply because drunkenness is too plebian that it is beneath my highly aristocratic tastes?

And I am aristocratic in my tastes, as I've started to discover. There's what I like and everything else- and my taste embodies all the qualities that make something good. If I don't like it, it isn't worthy of being liked. Well, I'm not that bad, because I haven't started seriously considering differing tastes "wrong". I'm just uberpicky.


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