How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

The past days in review...

So, as we all recall, I was trashed by illness on Monday. After I left work at 3:30 (that's when the bus came), I proceeded to deposit the contents of my stomach on some bushes at Colonie Center, and then made it home without further event. Upon arriving home, I made further deposits from the proper orifice, and then climbed in bed. I was in bed by 5:10.

I didn't sleep, but I wasn't consious either, and didn't move until Cate got home at 10:30 or so. And then, the moving was solely to open the door, because she couldn't find her keys (which were in her bag as it turns out). We proceeded to collapse into bed, after I made the decision that I wasn't going to go to work tomorrow. The whole not moving thing kinda turned me off to that.

By around 2am I was feeling well enough to walk all the way back to the kitchen and fetch myself an ice cube. Yes, at 2am, the only thing I could consume was an ice cube. I wasn't even handling a glass of water that well.

So, I continue on in a stupor, by the time I was supposed to be at work, I was merely shaky, and by about 9am-10am, I'm actually asleep! Until noon, when Apples calls.

New Years eve, the traditional Insomnia Party is tonight of course, and he just got on the thruway. I'm feeling well enough to be up and about, and after a shower and some jello, I'm feeling almost human. So off we go.

We swing down to Poughkeepsie (because the party is at Ben and Tim's this year, not Max's like normal, because Max is a big weenie looser). My first meal of solid food as it turns out, is going to be Denny's smothered cheese fries. And god damn does that hit the spot. What does it tell you about your life (or at least your biology) when the most soothing thing to eat after depositing your stomach contents in various places is Denny's food? But there you have it.

Fast forward, the party rocked, we gameded, we roleplayed, we chatted, we made trouble, we insulted Max (who occupied his time trying to get in the pants of Sam's date- 5'7", 130lbs Max and 6'5" 230lbs Sam). In general we had fun!

I'm still not 100%, though that could be related to barely sleeping in the past few days. Slept from like 1-5 today. Which was the first real sleep since Sunday night.


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